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Amber necklace Grecia with baroque pearl and rock crystal

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Amber necklace Grecia with baroque pearl and rock crystal

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The Grecia necklace brings together three remarkable natural stones and baroque pearls that are popular for their healing powers and unique properties.

The radiant amber, known for its calming properties, gives the piece of jewelry a warm and sunny radiance, while the clear rock crystal with its transparency stands for clarity and energy. The gently shimmering calcite, which is said to boost self-confidence, adds a delicate touch to the necklace, while the mysterious baroque pearl with its unique shape rounds off the design perfectly.

The design elements made of gold-plated 925 sterling silver set elegant accents and give the necklace an exclusive look.

With a chain length of 43 cm, the necklace nestles elegantly around your neck and skilfully sets the scene for your décolleté.

The Grecia necklace is an expression of individuality and sophistication that you can wear on numerous occasions. Whether as an eye-catcher in everyday life, as an elegant accessory for special events or as a special gift for a loved one - this handcrafted masterpiece will enchant you and others alike.

  • Amber, rock crystal, baroque pearl, calcite
  • Gold elements: gold-plated from 925 silver
  • Chain length 43 cm
  • Designed and made in Germany
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