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Elea necklace with red shell pearls

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Elea necklace with red shell pearls

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The "Elea" necklace enchants with a fascinating combination of red shell pearls, clear rock crystal, delicate freshwater pearls and a graceful white foam coral. Each of these elements harmonises perfectly with each other and is artistically accentuated by an original Murano glass bead with 24 kt white gold leaf.

The red shimmer of the shell pearls gives the necklace a passionate and enchanting aura. The clear rock crystal catches the light and sets sparkling accents, while the delicate freshwater pearls add an elegant touch.

The white foam coral forms a wonderful contrast to the red shell pearls and gives the necklace a timeless grace.

With a chain length of 46 cm, the "Elea" necklace sits perfectly on your décolleté and draws everyone's attention. Whether for special occasions or as a luxurious accessory in everyday life - with "Elea" you are wearing a piece of jewelry that underlines your personality in a unique way and brings you admiring compliments.


  • Shell pearls, rock crystal, freshwater pearls, foam coral
  • Handmade Murano glass with 24 kt white gold leaf
  • Chain length 46 cm
  • Clasp: S-hook made of 925 sterling silver
  • Designed and made in Germany
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