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Delicate Onyx Necklace Sia

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Delicate Onyx Necklace Sia

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The necklace "Sia" is made of fine black onyx beads that give it a subtle yet powerful look.

Onyx is a fascinating gemstone that has been used in jewelry for centuries and has a special symbolic meaning. It represents strength, self-confidence and protection from negative energies.

The deep black color of onyx is both elegant and powerful, giving the necklace a sophisticated aesthetic. The onyx beads combined with the ornate gold-plated sterling silver design elements create a captivating contrast that draws the eye and draws attention to the unique design.

You can wear this necklace alone to add a touch of elegance to your outfit, or pair it with our "Brienne" necklace (item 176338) to create a stunning, custom look. Please note that "Brienne" is sold separately.


  • Onyx
  • Gold elements: gold plated 925 silver
  • Chain length 42 cm
  • Designed and made in Germany


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